Transmission Service

Transmission Service
What is a transmission service? Some places just drain and fill, some places flush. But what does it mean to flush? Is it really a flush, or are they just exchanging more of the fluid with an external machine? Some places use universal fluid. Some places use a generic fluid that can actually destroy your transmission. This is why pricing can range hundreds of dollars for a transmission service. At Scott’s Automotive Service – we will spend the extra time with you to identify exactly what your car manufacturer specifies. This way, we follow the guidelines that were made for your exact vehicle. We will earn your trust with good old fashioned customer service, and high quality repairs.
Scott’s Automotive Service Benefits :
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As a former owner of a small auto repair shop I can’t speak highly enough about Scott and his staff. When I was in the auto repair business, Scott was there to support and offer a lending hand at the drop of a hat. That’s right, he was basically helping his competition. This just goes to show you his character and it clearly comes through in the way he takes care of his customers. I would never consider anyone else to work on my cars.
Kelly Wingfield