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Air Conditioning

Some people think Air Conditioning is only needed during summer months. Actually, your Air Conditioning system is used in the winter too – any time you turn on the defrost mode in your car, truck or suv – the air conditioning system is engaged to remove moisture from the air being blown inside of your vehicle. At Scott’s Automotive Service we will give you good old fashioned service. We will earn your your trust with honest answers and quality repairs!

Auto Repair

Scott’s Automotive Service Benefits :

As a former owner of a small auto repair shop I can’t speak highly enough about Scott and his staff. When I was in the auto repair business, Scott was there to support and offer a lending hand at the drop of a hat. That’s right, he was basically helping his competition. This just goes to show you his character and it clearly comes through in the way he takes care of his customers. I would never consider anyone else to work on my cars.
Kelly Wingfield

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