Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing
The two most common questions we receive when suggesting a wheel balance are “What is that” and “Why do I need that”. Wheel balancing is a process of placing your wheel & tire on an electronic machine that measures the amount of “wobble” or “vibration” that your wheel generates. The electronic wheel balancing machine will calculate the amount of weight that needs to be added to your wheel to eliminate any vibrations/wobble. These weights are knocked off of your wheel if you hit a curb or pothole too hard, scrape against a curb too hard or it can just simply fall off over time/wear. We have the new technology needed to ensure your car is performing as good as new.
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As a former owner of a small auto repair shop I can’t speak highly enough about Scott and his staff. When I was in the auto repair business, Scott was there to support and offer a lending hand at the drop of a hat. That’s right, he was basically helping his competition. This just goes to show you his character and it clearly comes through in the way he takes care of his customers. I would never consider anyone else to work on my cars.
Kelly Wingfield