The radiator comes in many shapes and sizes. Some vehicles have a big rectangular radiator, while some cars have smaller square ones. Many radiators have transmission cooling lines going into them, and they are specially designed to route engine coolant through one part and transmission fluid through another section of itself. If your radiator is leaking, or clogged up and not cooling the engine properly – we can help.
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I am a young woman who is not from the Des Moines area, so when I had a car issue I never knew who to call. I didn’t want to take my vehicle just anywhere! I was recommended to Scott’s by a client of my husbands. Ever since then, I have had nothing but the best from Scott’s. They are extremely thorough and have very reasonable prices. I don’t know much about cars, so I really appreciate how they always explain things to me so I know what is going on. I really appreciate them and their hospitality. They know me by first name basis. I would recommend Scott’s to anyone. They are very customer oriented, great at what they do with vehicles and are family owned. I trust them completely, VERY good people.
Bre V.