CV Repair

CV Repair
You may have never heard of a CV Joint, a CV Axle or even a CV Boot. Not until it became a problem. Is your car, truck or suv making a loud clicking noise on turns? Are you noticing a lot of grease being slung around the front of your vehicle? There are even times where a CV Axle can cause high speed vibration if it gets out of balance. No matter what your vehicle’s symptoms are – we will treat you with respect and old fashioned customer service. We will service your car with modern tech and ASE Certified Technicians.
Scott’s Automotive Service Benefits :
Des Moines Auto Repair
As a former owner of a small auto repair shop I can’t speak highly enough about Scott and his staff. When I was in the auto repair business, Scott was there to support and offer a lending hand at the drop of a hat. That’s right, he was basically helping his competition. This just goes to show you his character and it clearly comes through in the way he takes care of his customers. I would never consider anyone else to work on my cars.
Kelly Wingfield