Diagnostic System

diagnostic system
The on board diagnostic system in your car, truck or suv is getting more complicated than ever. There are more sensors, modules, valves, computers and error codes being integrated and added into vehicles every day. The department of transportation is requiring some of these additions for safety reasons. The environmental protection agency is requiring some of these additions for fuel economy and emissions reasons. Some car companies are adding these components so they can email you when something is wrong with your car. Call us today – we have the ASE Certified Technicians needed to work on this complex on board diagnostic system!
Scott’s Automotive Service Benefits :
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As a former owner of a small auto repair shop I can’t speak highly enough about Scott and his staff. When I was in the auto repair business, Scott was there to support and offer a lending hand at the drop of a hat. That’s right, he was basically helping his competition. This just goes to show you his character and it clearly comes through in the way he takes care of his customers. I would never consider anyone else to work on my cars.
Kelly Wingfield